Bugatti Rimac implements mpx in its new 200,000sqm Croation Campus.



wms.Studio is a specialist software company that has developed a range of Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS) and Warehouse Control Solutions(WCS) that can be used by Hanel Customers.

Our mpx software platform is able to connect and control the complete range of Weland Solutions vertical lift machines(VLM), as well as smart lockers, conveyors, AGV systems, as well as VLM machines from Weland, Kardex, Modula, Logimat, MegaLift and have them all operate in a single warehouse and IT environment.

With over 10 years delivering our mpx solutions to customers around the world, wms.Studio has the experience and track record to help warehouses and distribution centres of all sizes stay on top of everything and ensure that everything is in its right place!

Bugatti Rimac

Bugatti Rimac is a joint venture headquartered in Sveta Nedelja, Croatia, known for the car brands Bugatti and Rimac. The two brands were united under the business decision of Porsche, giving control of Bugatti to Mate Rimac and in return receive more share in Rimac Group, which includes Rimac Technology, a company that develops batteries and powertrains. Through this Rimac Group owns 55% and Porsche 45% in Bugatti Rimac. Rimac Group in turn is owned by Mate Rimac (35%), Porsche (22%), Hyundai (11%) and other minority shareholders.