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wms.Studio is a specialist software company that develops Warehouse Management Systems(WMS), Warehouse Control Systems(WCS), Warehouse Automation Solutions(WAS), and the most advanced high speed pick-to-light, put-to-light and batch picking software.

Our mpx software platform is able to connect and control vertical lift machines(VLM) from Kardex, Hanel, Modula, Weland, Logimat, Megamat and others, as well as smart lockers, conveyors and AGV systems, and have them all operate in a single warehouse and IT environment.

With our unique multi-operator put-to-light devices, mpx is able to deliver over 400% faster batching picking than any other solution in the market place and consolidate 100s of jobs into a single batch. Performance and scale that no other vendor is able to match.

With over 10 years delivering our mpx solutions to customers around the world, wms.Studio has the experience and track record to help warehouses and distribution centres of all sizes stay on top of everything and ensure that everything is in its right place!

WMS Software

Warehouse Management Systems(WMS) provide visibility into your inventory, customer orders(picking lists) and manage the entire supply chain and fulfilment workflows, from supplier to consumer. It provides control and manages the day to day operations in a warehouse ensuring that everything is in the right place, and your staff are working to their best.

mpx/WMS is a web based Warehouse Management system, that has been designed to provide a simple, yet powerful portal to all areas of your warehouse.

From inbound goods receipting, inventory management and location management, mpx/WMS has been designed to give warehouse managers total visibility over all operational aspects of their warehouse operations.

Optimising picking based on zones, managing high speed batch picking using pick-to-light technology from rack locations, or giving you visibility over your inventory in Vertical Lift Machines and racking locations in a single harmonised view, mpx/WMS has been designed to deliver everything a modern, connected warehouse requires.

mpx/WMS is able to manage inventory in Hanel, Kardex, Weland, Logimat and many other vertical storage machines as well as traditional racking, bulk areas and our locker box locations.

Kardex, Hanel, Weland Magamat, Megalift, Modula Software
Kardex, Hanel, Weland software, Modula, megalift, logimat, Megamat, WMS iOS

WCS Software

Warehouse Control System(WCS) manages and optimizes the flow of products throughout your entire warehouse, intelligently connecting all the different technology typically found in a warehouse such as conveyors, automated guided vehicles, robotics, vertical storage machines (from Hanel, Weland, Kardex, Logimat and others), picking trolleys and automated storage and retrieval systems(ASRS).

mpx connects all the disparate technology into a single management framework providing a centralized management system and a complete end to end visibility.

VLM Software

Our vertical lift machine(VLM) control software allows companies that have invested in VLMs from different manufacturers like , Kardex, Weland Solutions, Modula, Logimat, Megamat and others, to connect all their various VLMs to a single software platform.

We support older generation VLMs from most manufactures going back to machines over 30+ years old.

This manufacturer agnostic solution means that users need only have knowledge of the mpx software no matter what brand of VLM machine they operate as well as only a single WMS system is required to manage the stock in all the different VLMs and racking locations.

mpx has also been developed to overcome the typical issues of all vertical lift machines such as slow replenishment speeds and low pick rates.

Our advanced multi-user batch picking solution is 400% faster than any other batch picking solution available, resulting in pick rates from vertical lifts to be significantly faster than even rack picking, and with advanced presorting, and pre binning processes we have redesigned the put away process to make it as simple and fast as putting a box on a shelf.

We also support traditional racking based locations with high speed pick-to-light software.

mpx / WEB

Our standard VLM Controller software is a web based solution designed for touch screen devices such as tablets or a traditional desktop computer. It provides the operator with easy and quick access to all the common VLM operations such as picking, putting and goods in, whilst still providing simple access to less used functions.

mpx/WEB can control a single machine, or a group of machines depending on what your need is, and can be used to manage racking locations as well.

If you have vertical storage from Hanel, Kardex, Modula, Weland, Logimat and other, mpx is a single solution for all VLM manufacturers and all warehouse operations.

Kardex, Hanel, Weland, Modula, Megalift, Logimat, Megamat software

mpx/WEB Screen Shots

Logimat, Megalift, Kardex, Hanel, Weland software

mpx / VSU

For power users our premium VLM controller software is designed to provide more efficiency, and improved picking accuracy.

Able to control VLMs from Kardex, Hanel, Modula, Weland, Logimat, Megamat and others, mpx/VSU supports barcode scanning to confirm and complete picks, as well as counting scales and other accessories.

Designed for a touch screen environment, mpx/VSU works on Windows Surface tablets as well as standard desktop computers, and is able to deliver a faster picking environment than mpx/Web.

mpx/VSU Screen Shots

Why MPX ?

There are many reasons why mpx Software is the leading software for Vertical Storage systems, but here are the top reasons we think it's the best..

Open Source

We decided that using the Open Source Model was the best for our customers, and our partners. Simply create a new branch in Github and enhance the application to meet specific needs. Engage one of our partners or have us add additional features. Open source enables greater innovation and differentiation, helping companies stand apart and creating a lower cost solution.

Batch Picking done correctly.

Vertical Storage is at its most efficient when multiple orders are consolidated into a single pick list. As each shelf is brought to the access point, items can be picked for all the orders in the batch, meaning that a single shelf movement can be for many jobs. With mpx Put-To-Light technology, 100s of orders can be consolidated into a single batch cycle.

Open Platform

mpx is built on a Microsoft SQL Server (MS-SQL) database, which means that you can easily access all the raw data with analysis tools, reporting applications and even develop complex real-time integration. Microsoft SQL Server also enables mpx to scale up to even the biggest warehouses, as there are no limits to the volume of data or application performance.


mpx lite, mpx Host and mpx Pro can all optionally be cloud based using our high performance Microsoft Azure based cloud SAAS platform.

Our SAAS Platform scales automatically to meet your peak periods and provides low latency, high performance no matter where you are located.

You can also opt to run mpx onsite if you prefer, giving you complete flexibility.

Scale as needed.

As you grow, so does mpx. Switching from any version of mpx, to any other version is as simple as switching payment plans. Being built with a Microsoft SQL Backend means you can scale to a mpx system capable of millions of transactions per hour.

Full Warehouse Operations

mpx covers all your warehouse management and workflow requirements, not just your Vertical storage zones.

Goods-in, Cross Docking, Racking zones, dispatching and even locker management, mpx delivers all features for all size warehouses, from small stock rooms all the way up to large warehouses and even distribution centres

Rack Management

VLM machines typically add value to an existing warehouse that has traditional rack storage. mpx is able to manage storage in both types of locations, all within a single system.

For high volume picking our Pick-To-Light solution provides incredibly high pick rates, and supports zone-based picking in both pick-to-order and batch-to-order based picking methods give warehouse managers the ability to implement the perfect high speed picking solution to meet their unique operational needs.

mpx / WEB

Using the same software for operating a VLM unit, mpx/Web is also used to pick and put from racking locations. The software can even be configured so that the operator can see location information in both VLM and racking locations combined into a single view.

Kardex, Megamat, Logimat, Megalift, Modula, Hanel, Weland software
Logimat, Magamat, Megalift, Kardex, Hanel, Weland software, WMS iOS

iPad Software

Our iOS App is the clear leader for inventory management in rack locations. Using an iPad, the deployment cost is a fraction of a traditional warehouse 'gun' device and provides a much easier, friendly and therefore a much lower cost solution.

With a comprehensive range of features, our iOS App covers all the typical operations such as receiving, counting, picking and putting as well as advanced operations such as cross docking, batch picking and locker management.

Batch Picking

Batch picking is an order picking process, in which pickers simultaneously pick items for multiple orders at the same time. The items are then sorted, or 'put' to each order in the quantity required. mpx is the leading batch picking solution for VLMs with put-to-light technology that can scale up to hundreds of orders in a single batch, with multiple pickers simultaneously picking and sorting.

mpx offers a number of different batch picking options, including what we call put mode, where the picker is responsible for both the pick, and then putting of the items as required into each order, as well as sort mode where the picker focuses only on the picking of items, and hands off the items to another picker who sorts the picked items as needed.

Put-Mode Picking

This mode is suitable for smaller operations with 4 or less VLMs as it requires the picker to perform both the picking and sorting of the items as required for each order. Typically, this works well because the operator can be sorting the items whilst the VLM is bringing the next tray to the access point meaning there is no waiting time for the operator. However it is slower and therefore less suitable to high volume and/or sites with multiple VLM Machines

Kardex, Hanel, Megalift, Megamat Weland software

Sort-Mode Picking

For higher speed picking, or where there is 4 or more VLMs Sort-Mode picking is the preferred solution. In this mode the operator is only responsible for picking, and therefore can pick at a significantly higher speed than in put-mode. Once several items have been picked, other operators are responsible for sorting the items out as required. As both operations can be done in parallel the order picking rates are incredibly high, with typical pick speeds exceeding 800+ picks per hour.

Perputual Picking

Also known as Non-Stop picking, perpetual picking can be used in both Put-Mode and Sort-Mode. A typical batch pick contains jobs of different number of pick lines and will result in smaller jobs within the batch completing before other larger jobs. This results in the batch pick becoming less efficient as the batch progress as less jobs are being picked for. With mpx in non-stop mode as smaller jobs within the batch are completed, we replace the job with a new job, keeping the batch running with all bays active resulting in very high order fulfilment rates compared to a normal batch pick process

Multi Operator Sorting

Our unique multi operator put to light enables the pickers to work simultaneously on the same order at the same time. In put bench mode, each coloured light on the put-to-display is assigned to a VLM, and any items picked from that VLM will be displayed on its corresponding light.

In Sort bench mode a scanner, or picker is allocated a coloured light, and they can process items as fast as they can scan the items barcode. Having 4 lights on the put-to-device means that rather than a single operator sorting 1 item at a time, multiple operators can be sorting items at the same time and can even sort different items to the same order simultaneously

Magamat, Logimat, Hanel, Kardex, Weland Solutions software
Magalift, Modula, Weland software, WMS iOS

Rack based Pick-to-Light

mpx extends high speed picking into the racking locations with its advanced pick-to-light features. Each location is fitted with a pick-to-light device and as each order is scanned the pick to light at the location of the items required for the order is shown to the operator. The operator simply picks the item required in the quantity shown and presses the confirmation button when the item pick is completed.

For low volume sites, our single pick-to-light device is perfect for a single picker. For higher volume sites, our multi pick-to-light device allows up to 4 different pickers to be picking from the same location at the same time for multiple different orders.

For larger warehouses, our rack based picking solutions support zone based picking, and even multi warehouse based picking.

Smart Labels

Our Smart Labels means a truly paperless warehouse.

Typically our Smart Labels are fitted to tote boxes, and as an order is assigned to a tote box, the order information is displayed on the Smart Label. The information displayed can be fully customised to meet the needs of each of our clients. As the tote box moves through the various stages of the fulfilment process, the smart label is constantly updating to show the operator the most relevant data required at each stage.

Kardex, Hanel, Weland software, WMS iOS
Magmat, Logimat, Kardex, Hanel, Weland software, WMS iOS

Locker Box

From bespoke corporate lockers for staff, warehouse, industrial or click and collect lockers, our Locker Box controller provides customers with a fully customisable solution.

Supporting a range of sensors, as well as full customisable firmware and easy to use API, our Locker box hardware can be offered a as 'white-label' product for customers wanting to develop their own branded solutions for any market.

Kardex, Logimat, Megamat, Hanel, Weland software, WMS iOS

Projects Completed

Our customers range from major global fashion brands, Formula 1 teams and some of the biggest warehouse operations globally. We have a small number of case study videos that you can watch on YouTube.


Compare the different levels of functionality available in our different versions of mpx

Prices are per storage unit.

iOS App & Racking Solutions(pick-to-light), contact for pricing

Discounts applied for 4 or more units at a single site


Starts from 45 / month

  • Inventory Management
  • Shelf Operations
  • Access Control
  • Operations Logging


Starts from 85 / month

  • All Lite Package Features
  • Single Job Processing
  • Web based WMS


Starts from 150 / month

  • All Host Package Features
  • Batch Job Processing (Limited)
  • Goods in Processing
  • Camera Support
  • Picture Search
  • Stock Take Features



  • All Professional Package Features
  • Batch Job Processing (Cycle based)
  • Put Bench or Sort Bench Mode
  • Put-to-Light Devices Additional Cost

Non Stop


  • All Professional Package Features
  • Batch Job Processing (Perpetual)
  • Put Bench or Sort Bench Mode
  • Put-to-Light Devices Additional Cost



  • All Professional Package Features
  • WCS Management Software
  • Multi Warehouse
  • Multi Zone
  • iOS App Included(unlimited users)
  • Container Based Goods in

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